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Daily Diving

Embark on a journey of discovery to some of the most breathtaking dive sites in the Red Sea.
Our daily diving departs just 20m away from our jetty, making it easy for our divers and snorkelers to enjoy an amazing underwater adventure in our own house reef with amazing corals and drops. With our experienced guides, you can explore the wonders of the underwater world, from the breathtaking Ras Mohammed to the fascinating Straits of Tiran if you take advantage of our daily boat diving. 


Dive from the Shore

On this dive with our guides you will dive in our house reef, situated in front of the dive centre with amazing reefs, corals and sea life. if you are advanced we can go to the canyon site to the right and take the drop down the canyon to 30m

1 Dive cost is 35 Euro

2 Dive cost is 60 Euro

*If you dont have your own equipment, you can rent from the dive centre.

1 dive from shore
2 dives from shore
rescue diver

Check Dive or Scuba Review

If it has been a while since your last scuba dive and your skills are feeling a bit rusty, we highly recommend that you book either a Check Dive or a Scuba Review for safety reasons. A Scuba Review is required if you haven’t dived for a year or longer. Our Check Dives and Scuba Reviews are conducted on our house reef in front of the dive centre, where you can refresh your skills and gain confidence in a safe and controlled environment and get back to the amazing feeling of diving.

2 Shore dives/ 1Day cost is 65 Euro.

*If you dont have your own equipment, you can rent from the dive centre.

night dive

Night Dive

Why not experience life under the water at night, you will see difference species of sea life and hear the crackles of the roofs cleaning them self whilst learning how to communicate via torch light.  

Cost is 35 Euro (equipment hire extra charge)

**If you are taking the Advanced Course you can include night diving to one of your speciality's


Zodiac\ Speedboat Dive

This is our popular diving activity where we take the speedboat to various dive sites like Ras Kitty/ Ras Nasrani to dive in the best drift dive taking in the sites of the amazing corals and sea life. 

Cost is 50 Euro (1 -3 passengers)

               40 Euro (4 -6 passengers)

*This in an extra cost in addition to the diving prices

Plan your dive adventures with us, this package can be customised to you and the adventure dives you wish to take. We can dive from the shore, dive from the boat at Tiran Island or Ras Mohammed, dive at the famous Blue Hole or the lighthouse area or 3 pools in beautiful Dahab.

Really the choice is upto you.

Costs are as follows and is per person:

Shore dives at Sharks Bay: 2 dives 65 Euro.

2 dives and boat to Ras Mohammed/ Tiran Island, lunch and transport 85 Euro.

Zodiac to Ras Bob/Ras Nasrany/ Gordon Reef  for drift dive, 100 euro for zodiac cost(if 4 customers will be split) and 35 euro per dive.

El Fanar dive 2 dives, entry fee and transport 85 euro

Dahab for any location, transport, lunch and full equipment is 140 euro

Million Hope Ship Wreck. Zodiac to the wreck and 1 dive of the wreck inside and out is 100euro

SS Thistlegorm is 2 dives, boat and lunch and drinks  is 150euro 

dive from the boat

5/10 Days Dive package

million hope shipwreck

Wreck Diving - Million Hope / Dunraven


The Loss of the Million Hope: Details of this loss are scarce. The Million Hope sailed from Aqaba on 19 June 1996 and in the early hours of 20 June struck a reef near Nabq. Diving the Million Hope: The ship’s superstructure is above the surface and the hull rests on the seabed at 20m. Her starboard side is alongside the reef and the ship is upright with a list to port. 

Cost is 100 Euro in addition to the daily diving charge.

*If you dont have your own equipment, you can rent from the dive centre.

The cost includes 14% sales tax

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